Promo Codes

Promo Codes

Welcome to the Traffic Exchange Summit Promo Code Vault!

This page page is being provided as an added value resource to the members of the Traffic Exchange Summit. The following Promotional Codes will gift to you free advertising at the sites listed and are worth real money to you. I  encourage you to support programs listed on this page as they represent owners who have made a choice to provide you with free advertising on their sites in order to help you grow your business.

Using promo codes is very easy to do and you will be able to set-up your advertising campaigns immediately and enjoy increased traffic to your sites as a result. Follow the links below and if you are not a member of the program you can join for free. Be sure to carefully consider any “onetime offers” or new member offer that are presented to you at sign-up. These offers are designed to allow you to take full advantage the program features.

Once you have signed up or signed in (existing members), go to the advertising section and add the promo code associated with the site below. The credits will be added to your account instantly and you can create your campaigns.


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  • Europcar Promotional Code

    Hey, its really great news. These codes are really helpful for free advertising at sites listed. Thanks for sharing these code information with us. Keep sharing with us

  • jeck nicolson

    Advertising Plus Ad Exchange is a cast new Ad Exchange that brings a little character to your commercial and is abiding to be a hit.

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  • Da Riley

    Use promo code TES1 at 1 Modern Solution surf 100 pages for a special prize :)

  • Eric Goettman

    Use “TESummit” at for a special bonus! =)

  • Eric Goettman

    Use “TESummit” at for a special bonus! =)

  • Kate Burrows
  • Web more

    Use “30PERCENT” at 30% off for hitleap clone script.

  • mario

    i use traffic exchange on and gain about 5/10 dollars a week.

    There are sites that make more?

    thanks for the advice

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